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  1. Homeless people...

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    The bastards earn about 100 bucks a day begging or more. They are getting fuck all
    from me, the lazy cunts.

    you forgot they also get pumped twice a day

    the more you think about it it seems no a bad way of life

    jammy bastards that they are
    Make them join the army put them to good use
  2. Unlawful killing

    Unlawful killing

    No one intended to kill football fans at the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest 27 years ago. In 1989 British football stadiums were inherently unsafe, many of us felt in danger at the regular crushing entering and leaving grounds.

    Crowd management was considered a control issue, not a safety one. In England, fences penned spectators in to prevent pitch invasions.

    Hillsborough had staged many FA Cup semi-finals, ...